16 November 2021 17:00, Conference Room B

Cube Finance will attend the Lugano Finance Forum, with a speech on a highly discussed topic, i.e. the new Law on Financial Services (FinSA), whose introduction poses many practical and operational challenges to the external asset managers’ (EAM) daily operations and activities.

By way of example the new requirements regarding customer profiling and segmentation — an activity that in many cases until now was paper based, and consulted manually, or through files which were not directly integrated into the work processes — in the very near future will have to turn into punctual, effective controls that can be highlighted in the event of an audit.

The same applies, for example, to monitoring any exceptions to the investments indicated by the principals / investors, and compliance with the risk parameters derived from the profiling activity.
As the preceding points indicate, it is clear that it is now essential to move these legacy processes to IT based systems and workflows to prevent operational activity from being paralyzed by the numerous controls deriving from the new provisions of the law.

After an initial introductory intervention on the legal basis, we will illustrate how this new regulation can be translated, thanks to a correct IT approach, in terms of daily operations.

Daniela Baldoni – MSc Physics and MSc Economics and Law of Financial Intermediaries, TEP, Compliance Director, Regulatory Law Expert in Financial Intermediaries, Lecturer at CSVN Banking Center

Paul Weber – EMEA Business Development at Cube Finance.