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Finva Tech is a dynamic technology startup, born as a strategic initiative by Cube Finance to support its commercial drive and its new projects in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Cube Finance has strategically focused its efforts on establishing a robust presence in Bangalore, often heralded as the “Silicon Valley of India.” This city serves as the operational hub for some of the world’s largest players in the global IT industry and is home to millions of experienced and seasoned IT professionals from all over India. From this talent pool, Finva Tech meticulously selects high-caliber candidates capable of meeting the diverse development needs of any client.

From a commercial point of view, Cube Finance will develop pre-existing relationships in the Gulf area and aims at new commercial prospects in the Asia-Pacific region, an area of the planet that boasts strong rates of economic and demographic growth, and consequently of demand for products and financial services.

Despite Cube Finance’s extensive history in the financial sector spanning decades, Finva Tech maintains a broad and horizontal focus, catering to the multifaceted requirements of companies across all industries. On one hand, it offers bespoke software development services, while on the other, it provides highly qualified IT professionals worldwide who work remotely but are all recruited and operate from our physical location in Bangalore.

At Finva Tech, all activities are under continuous supervision by senior management based in Europe. Our dedicated team in Bangalore comprises IT specialists, HR experts, and talent acquisition professionals who ensure an uninterrupted supply of new human resources and the seamless continuity of operational processes.

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