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Finva Tech, a subsidiary of Cube Finance Group, is pleased to announce the launch of CubeBot Pro, a next-generation professional chatbot powered by Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology.

CubeBot Pro
RAG allows CubeBot Pro to build conversations with users based on a proprietary database, avoiding the “hallucinations” of “generalist” generative AI. This unique approach ensures that CubeBot Pro provides accurate and reliable responses to user queries.

CubeBot Pro is a significant advancement over simple FAQ bots, enabling engaging and informative conversations that go far beyond the limitations of traditional chatbot technology. The applications of CubeBot Pro are vast, with particular interest from the financial sector.

Early feedback from industry participants indicates the following areas of interest:

  • Automated generation of commentaries and #reports, such as factsheets, on management results.
  • Virtual customer support, facilitating communication between investment firms and clients, or providers of financial products and their potential investors.
  • Regulatory compliance assistance, streamlining the drafting of regulatory reports and preparation of authorization processes with supervisory authorities.

Cube Finance plans to integrate CubeBot Pro into its existing product range (Cube PMS, Finva AML, Cube Risk) and to use it as the foundation for new applications in the asset management sector, to be announced in 2024.