finva port use


FinVA Port is an AI Financial Assistant designed to analyze any kind of investment portfolio to produce natural-language commentary and analytical reports.


FinVA Port has been created to optimize the workflows and workloads associated with the analysis and the reporting activity, be it contractual or commercial in nature.

FinVA Port‘s enables the asset management firm to reach the following goals

  • compress time used for the periodic portfolio analysis
  • include all portfolios in the review
  • increase engagement and communication – with all managed clients
  • personalize the tone and feel of the communication to the single client’s preferences


Advanced Analytics: Deliver precise, AI-driven qualitative analyses of portfolios.
Multilingual Support: Generate reports in any language, expanding global reach.
Customizable Modules: Select and customize modules to meet specific analysis needs.
Personalized Communication: Adjust the tone and content to suit each client’s preferences.
Multiple Output Channels: Offer reports in text, audio, or video formats for versatile delivery.
API Integration: Easily integrate with existing systems for streamlined operations.

finva port features
finva port benefits


Customization: Tailor communication and reports to each client’s preferences, ensuring a unique service experience.
Efficiency: Significantly reduce the time required for regular portfolio analysis.
Enhanced Engagement: Foster stronger relationships through increased, personalized client interaction.
Data-Driven Insights: Provide deeper, actionable insights into portfolio performance and market conditions.
Scalability: Effortlessly manage and analyze portfolios of any size, complexity and numerousness.
Cost-Effectiveness: Lower operational costs by minimizing the need for manual interventions.
Real-Time Updates: Access and update portfolio analyses in real-time, adapting quickly to market changes.


FinVA Port has been developed for

  • Commercial Banks
  • Investment Banks
  • Asset Managers
  • Swiss EAMs
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Indipendent Financial Advisors


FinVA Port is used mainly by any internal teams and figures who are involved with the analysis and reporting of client data

  • client-facing teams: account executives and their assistants
  • portfolio managers
  • analysts
  • internal audit and compliance functions


FinVA Port creates its ouput using the following data data

  • investment portfolios: composition, period transactions, performance (from the intermediary’s management system) and
  • market data or news from various data providers.

Given a series of configuration parameters, FinVA Port then responds with content that can be output in the following formats:

  • text of the comment,
  • audio of the same or
  • a video commented by a specific persona (e.g. CIO, Account Exec, neutral figure), digitally represented by an avatar.


Personalization: the comment of the portfolio is create according to a series of parameters chosen during the initial configuration: language,  client’s knowledge and experience investment experience, tone of the response, underlying objective of the financial intermediary.

The comment is developed according to a predefined template created by Cube Finance and then adapted in agreement with the intermediary.


Examples of use cases:

  • Wealth management clients are sent a personalized monthly commentary about the portfolio management activity and performance. The comment is automatically produced by FinVA Port for all customers and can be verified and validated by the assigned account executives before distribution.
  • Before a client meeting, the account executive can request FinVA Port a portfolio analysis and thus updates himself on the various technical and operational matters for further verbal presentation to the client.
  • Before a management committee meeting, the investment manager prompts FinVA Port to produce the period commentary of the model portfolios which is then used during the meeting, and which can be further used as part of the minutes.
  • The Risk Manager, called to discuss the riskiness of a series of model portfolios or specific clients in a meeting, has FinVA Port produce the analysis of the last period to be briefly updated.


There are two different ways to use FinVA Port:

  • Invoked from the existing management system via the API, and then use the results obtained from the calls as desired
  • Integrated into Cube Pms, with production management of “on demand” or scheduled analyses on all customers, also by integrating existing report models