Artificial Intelligence KYC and AML for Banks and Independent Managers

What is FinVA?
FinVA is a supervised and intelligent Financial Virtual Assistant, conceived with the aim of satisfying the control needs in specific areas (KYC, AML, Risk) faced by banks and independent managers.

It provides the ordinary functionality of software in this area but with an innovative approach, coordinating the control process with an integrated virtual assistant that actively supports business functions to make processes more efficient and faster.

FinVA project
FinVA sees the light thanks to a technological project supported and implemented by the following players:

SUPSI: the Innovative Technologies Department of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) is the scientific partner. Developed the AI ​​engine for AML customer risk calculation.

Innosuisse: The Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency contributed to the financing of the project

Cube Finance: main technology partner. It performed the financial analysis, supplied the AML contents, developed the software applications and distributes the product in Switzerland and in the rest of the world.

QBT: technological partner for the AI ​​part. It carried out the financial analysis, provided the AI ​​content and carried out the maintenance activities over time of the AI ​​engine developed by SUPSI.


FINVA AML – Points of Strength

  • Calculation of AML customer risk through the AI ​​engine with results explained visually
  • Simplified integration via FinVA-API to dialogue with existing financial software
  • Intelligent virtual assistant, to support the financial operator during his daily control activities and during the onboarding phase of new customers, whether they are natural persons or even complex corporate structures
  • Can be used at all levels of the organization, from management to operatives in contact with customers to support the onboarding and/or ongoing analysis cycle
  • to replace or complement existing software: it is able both to manage the entire KYC/AML process and to be used to complement existing software by integrating the improvement given by the virtual assistant into existing processes


  • KYC with AI support:
    Speed ​​up and make onboarding accurate. Use as Central Master Data – CRM
  • Continuous supervision and support with AI:
    Accuracy and Immediacy of reports
  • Continuous monitoring of AML transactions:
    Regulatory compliance
  • Timely reporting of suspicious activity:
    Compliance and reputational risk reduction
  • Installation flexibility:
    Integration with existing software or as a standalone application
  • Flexibility of use:
    Workload reduction

BENEFITS for Banks

  • KYC with AI support:
    Actively supports onboarding process. Ex-post use on pre-existing relationships.
  • Continuous supervision and support with AI:
    Accuracy and Immediacy of reports
  • Continuous monitoring of AML transactions:
    Payment transaction analysis speed
  • Timely reporting of suspicious activity:
    Compliance and reputational risk reduction
  • Installation flexibility:
    Integration with software and flows via FinVA-API
  • Flexibility of use:
    Different information depending on the hierarchy of users

FINVA AML – Reasons for adoption

As a full KYC/AML solution

FinVA allows you to cover the whole spectrum of controls required by any jurisdiction, starting from the rich universe of personal, corporate and transactional data that the application allows you to collect both at the beginning of a business relationship and during its continuation over time. Any information that is filed can subsequently be used for cross-checks and for the production of aggregate or punctual statistics for the purposes of legal compliance.

The integrated virtual assistant provides qualified support, directing the user towards the most appropriate controls thanks to continuous supervision and assistance.

With pre-existing KYC/AML software

FinVA actively supports the user and the organization, allowing those with increased risk to emerge from the important universe of information subject to controls, which require timely and in-depth checks.

By integrating FinVA with existing software and processes you will get:

  • An automatic supervision of the processes currently carried out
  • A critical and objective verification of AML customer risk
  • The speeding up of otherwise laborious processes, v. customer pre-onboarding checks

FINVA AML – Functionalities

FinVA manages and guides the process of collecting personal and corporate data, identifying in real time those necessary for each specific context, and suggesting further details in the documentation according to the values ​​entered during the onboarding process. It is also possible to feed FinVA with the already existing files, in order to identify any points to be clarified.

Thanks to the AI ​​engine, FinVA generates a quantitative and qualitative result of the AML customer risk, motivating each result by the parameters taken into consideration and thus facilitating the risk segmentation of the profiles examined.

Process of dynamic analysis of the AML customer risk following the evolution of the professional realities and personal data of the economic rights holders, of the corporate structures, of exogenous data (see country risk, sanctions, etc.) and of the characteristics of the transactional operations (plausibility of data ascertained vs. data communicated during onboarding, etc.)

FinVA autonomously coordinates the reporting of transactions to be investigated, taking responsibility for promptly notifying the competent figures and services on anomalous cases, allowing them to comply with the requirements of the laws in force and to avoid reputational risk issues.