Cube Finance has created Cube Platform
from the best features of our previous legacy products

It is a fully configurable Portfolio, Order and Risk Management System designed for Asset and Portfolio Management, External Asset Managers, Family Offices, Online Brokers, CTAs and Hedge Funds, Commodity trading firms.

Cube Platform

A diverse group of institutional clients within the financial world – yet a common information base constituted by security reference data, by transactions and trades, and by client / portfolio information, which Cube Platform leverages to cover each user’s operational, analytical and reporting needs.

All the modules that compose Cube Platform are seamlessly integrated and share the same underlying information flow and reference data – each user sees precisely the same underlying information, but presented with a punctual diversity according to the user’s role within the organization and the overall information (or transaction) flow.

Cube Platform is a flexible and powerful web-based PMS with advanced Risk Management features designed for Asset and Portfolio Management, External Asset Managers, Family Offices, Online Trading firms, CTAs and Hedge Funds, Commodity traders. As a multi-asset and multi-currency platform can operate on a fully standalone basis or fully integrated with the leading market data providers. Fully configurable User / Role / Restrictions matrix allows you to tailor shape the application according to organization needs and directives. Compliance workflows according to regulatory directives: MiFID, FINMA, UCITS, AIFF plus Portfolio Management Investment Policies and client directives.
The package is further complemented by extensive reporting capability, GIPS compatible MW and TW performance calculation, and by FIX  order connectivity to Bloomberg and custodian banks.

Built using the latest web technologies (HTML5, CSS3), Cube Platform is fully responsive and adaptable to multiple viewports and devices and it can be installed either on premises or used as SaaS in an Microsoft Azure cloud environment.
The application is so structured that its features can be easily extendable to customer needs. Its logic and architecture mean that banks and bigger organizations appreciate the fact that Cube Finance applications can seamlessly sit alongside proprietary or pre-existing systems without affecting pre-existing data flows, processes and system configurations.

Cube Platform has been built upon Cube Finance’s 20 years’ experience and pedigree in offering risk management technologies to many of Italy’s leading banks active in trading of listed derivatives, followed by our multi-year experience working with Asset Management companies for UCITS and AIF funds
The product development team has 25+ years’ work experience in private banking, portfolio management and cash execution services. All listed asset classes and their respective transaction families are covered. Selected OTC instruments – FX options, IRS and equity swaps, CDS and CFDs are also supported.
Our Help Desk support staff is fluent both in technology and finance.

With Cube Platform all the organization can access the same precise underlying information: from market and instrument reference data to margin calculations, risk simulations and scenario analytics; from booked deals and unfilled orders to future cash flows from all kind of accounting and security transactions.
Risk information and portfolio data can be securely shared across desks and departments across the organization thanks to a powerful Role and User Manager implementation. This also allows authorized clients and advisors to access selected features, e.g. to submit investment proposals or manage their own reporting needs.

Each corner of the financial industry has its peculiarities – rules, cultures, myths and rites – and at the same time the actors in this ecosystem all revolve around a common core of market practices, standards and conventions.
By leveraging the technological traits of our preceding offerings Cube Platform now covers the requirements of a wider audience: from online trading brokers to harmonized and alternative funds, from the investment bank to the asset manager and the financial advisor.

Workflow optimization is employed throughout in order to ensure an easy, precise and efficient use of the application.
Each organization gets its own custom configuration of Risk and PMS features, such as dashboards or modules, in addition to numerous ad-hoc, and customizable, reports.
Most position and transaction information can easily be manipulated and acted upon without forcing users to navigate away from their immediate location.
Securities data can be either managed manually or pulled from any leading Data Provider (e.g. Bloomberg, Reuters, Telekurs, etc), and the frequency of reference and price data retrieval can be configured to suit the needs of each organization’s data budget. All functions are designed to minimize user error and to focus on task-specific essential aspects (e.g. highlighting problematic transactions during reconciliation).

Cube Platform contains a number of powerful tools to serve the diverse needs of the industry : Simulation and Scenario Analysis stress test functions; FX hedging tools for fund share classes, smart FX rollover functions; Compliance for UCITS funds; Investment Policy / Statutory Rules pre- and post-trade controls for portfolio management lines, or investment portfolios, groups, AIF managers; allocation to multi-managers; electronic order rountig to FIX destinations and hubs, reconciliation from custodian banks; comprehensive data registries, system diagnostics and setup and administration configuration panels, and more still.
Our Help Desk support staff is fluent both in technology and finance.

Cube Finance abides by the principle of being flexible in adjusting to customer needs and we believe this should naturally apply to the issue of pricing.
In order to present a realistic business proposal we will consider several factors (e.g. Cloud or on-premise installation, number of funds or portfolios, AUMs, transactions per period, etc) to work out a sensible price schedule.

Main features available to various organizations and roles
All modules are interconnected, so no further integration is needed if and when another functional part of Cube Platform needs to be activated

Common features to all organizations, setups, users

  • Cloud ready
  • Web based
  • Latest technologies (CSS3, HTML5)
  • Automatic version installation
  • Responsive design
  • Sync and connect to in-house (external) applications
  • Synchronize to own spreadsheets
  • In-built support ticketing system
  • Separate document db (MongoDB)
  • In-app system configuration panels
  • Connect to any major data provider
  • Rules/ users/ permissions matrix
  • Two factor authentication
  • Unlimited number of internal and external (e.g auditors, clients) users
  • Each user can configure own dashboards, tables, pages, filters
  • Data provider usage limits
  • Real-time or EOD use
  • Real-time IBOR
  • Real-time Orderbook with advanced filtering
  • Full pre and post/trade compliance cycle
  • Bulk uploads via spreadsheets
  • Custom reports or warning (email, sms) to multiple recipients
  • Extensive registry section (instruments, counterparties, markets, etc)
  • Data usage monitors

Macro features and functions 

  • Creation and Management of Model Portfolios, Investment Lines and Policies
  • Verification of asset allocation limits
  • Rebalancing tools for FX and financial instruments
  • Calculation of Net and Gross exposures
  • MW and TW performances according to GIPS
  • Real-time notification of investment limit breaches
  • Supports “real” multi-manager allocation
  • Drill-down of third party fund holdings
  • Concurrent management of investment vehicles and invested clients
  • Order book
  • High-touch and low-touch workflows supported
  • Full order management of collective (bulk) orders
  • Pre-trade order verification (investment policy, UCITS limits, Target Market, etc)
  • Supports “4 eye” pre-trade compliance workflows
  • Order forwarding to brokers, custodians
  • Multi-asset FIX order transmission to brokers, banks, order routing networks (e.g. EMSX, TSOX,…)
  • Support for multiple Excel orders and executions
  • Smart rollover of FX Forward deals
  • EOD order report (Swiss Law)
  • Filtered orderbook
  • FIX monitor
  • Client onboarding and profiling (risk score, risk profile) according to MIFID, FINMA regs.
  • KYC, AML functionalities
  • Link to Investment Policy and custom investment instructions
  • Document database, expiration schedule
  • Management and Performance Fee setup
  • Invoicing of management and performance fees
  • Ucits Compliance
  • AIFMD Compliance
  • Real-time compliance
  • MIFID Target Market (single name, portfolio approach)
  • Full history of compliance calculations
  • (EAM) pre-trade compliance includes customer exceptions
  • Margins using native CCPs algorithms
  • Pre-trade margin verification
  • Greeks and risk measures
  • Exposures in notional amount or underlying equivalent (e.g. power market)
  • Scenario analysis (time, volatility, price)
  • Simulated portfolios
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Value at Risk Analysis
  • Risk indicators (volatility, VaR, custom indicators)
  • Margin calculation with original CCP models
  • Exception based reconciliation of all transaction types
  • Manual transaction booking / pre-booking (e.g. fund prepay)
  • Management of custodian transaction data
  • Management of security reference data
  • Performance calculation (MW and TW) according to GIPS
  • Management and perfromance fee calculation and invoicing
  • Calculation of commercial rebates based on asset holdings
  • Consolidated asset and risk statements
  • Cash and portfolio statements
  • Swiss AMLA statistics, SRO reports (AUMs, BOs, etc), rebate reporting, etc
  • Performance according to GIPS: performance contribution (with FX) and risk measures
  • Setup Investment Policies
  • Setup and manage TAA / SAA limits
  • Model Portfolio
  • Rebalancing (FX, financial instruments) from Model Portfolio

Our technological advantage is illustrated by our competences and experience, which include the SaaS / Azure cloud environment

On Premise installation

Cube Platform can be run either as a SaaS environment, hosted on Microsoft Azure, or installed on-premises

Saas advantage

Cube Finance takes care of everything, speeding up Time to Go Live. The MS Azure environment is configured precisely to Cube Platform’s technical specifications (CPU, memory, DB choice, etc) and the end user’s workloads. No need to acquire, configure and maintain hardware, LAN, OS.

On-premise advantage

Cube Platform will transparently sit together with existing in-house infrastructure and will be able to exchange data with other networked applications and processes. No need to modify or rework existing network infrastructure, and the server technical requirements are not overly hungry in terms of computational power.