– Windows Authentication: the system is able to recognize the Windows user and therefore it is possible to enter the application avoiding the Username and Password (login page) and managing the authentication with the Active Directory, assigning a domain group to users you want to enable the service.

– Dashboard: for each individual portfolio it is possible to view different tiles in one single screen, one for each topic of interest. The squares are customizable and their vision allows you to have a synthetic glance of the current situation of a portfolio

– Realtime visual notifications: you can enable notifications on predetermined events with a horizontal slider. It can be used, for example, in the event of intraday breach of the operational limits or for new orders / compliance checks

– “Hedge Finder”: with the new functions, the module automatically identifies the operations to be carried out to remodel the risks of portfolios, with some key conditions such as the initial marginst, the delta exposure or Value at Risk exposure

– Manual proxy management in the VaR module: by instrument, underlier, underlier type